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have you never imagined yourself begin at home alone? It seems to be an amazing thing.
You can do everything you want to do: you can use your dad's friend glasses you have dreamt to watch through for so long,
 you can eat as much jam as you want and your granny doesn't blame you,
you can play computer  games for hours and nobody keeps the time, you don't tave to think about your homework and can watch any TV programme,
 and your mother is not angry with  you!
You can even use your brother is or siste is toys and nobody complains about this. Is not that wonderful?
 It, certainly,
 is ! But, unfortunately, having all the treasures of the house at your disposal,
 you soon become very bored and feel lonely without your family.
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Английский язык | Просмотров: 807 | Добавил: 8dyavol8 | Дата: 28.09.2010

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